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17 July 2019

This Week's Meeting

Jennifer Doherty, InspiringHR

It's Time to Play HR Jeopardy

It’s time to play HR Jeopardy with Jen Doherty of Inspiring HR. We’ll put a playful twist on the iconic game show, touching on important HR topics such as the Civil Rights Act of 1964 & the EEOC, Fair Labor Standards Act & NC minimum wage, hiring and onboarding programs, managing millennial employees, and more!

See you there.

More importantly, Bring plenty of Business Cards and be ready to network!


If you missed last Wednesday's meeting ...

Chapel Hill Leads Group

Open Networking Meeting

Last Wednesday, July 17, 2019 was an Open Networking Meeting at the Chapel Hill Leads Group. New business relationships were forged. Introductions with first time CHLG attendees were created. Member business networks were grown by reconnecting with existing CHLG members. Make an effort to get to know them and how you can help their business grow.

... You were indeed missed.

More importantly, Bring plenty of Business Cards and be ready to network!


Speaker's Schedule for July / August 2019
31 July - John Teague, Chatham Real Estate Photography
7 August - Orlando P Metcalf III, TAI Groupe
14 August - Dennis Pechinski, Weaver Dairy Real Estate
21 August - Open Networking Meeting
28 August - Bruce Vance, Town & country Cleaning

Keep It Simple - Attend the Leads meeting at least 50% of the time for 3 consecutive months and have an up to date member business profile in the Member's Directory. Ask Marie Snider to place you on the speakers schedule. Continue to attend at least 50% of the Leads meetings until your presentation. Continue to attend the Leads meeting to strengthen your new referral network.

CHLG Meeting

The Chapel Hill Leads Group regularly scheduled weekly meeting is held every Wednesday morning at Chapel Hill-Carrboro Chamber of Commerce, 104 South Estes Drive, Chapel Hill, NC 27514 from 8:30 a.m. until 9:30 a.m. Meeting Dues are $5.00 per week. Place your business card and $1.00 in the Optional Drawing. One card will be selected and that person will receive the week's kitty. For Express Check-In, please arrive with a $5.00, a $1.00, and a business card and we will check you in. We greatly appreciate your bringing correct change. We cannot change large denomination bills ($10, $20, $50, etc.) and cannot accept checks.

EXPO OPPORTUNITIES - Each week arrangements have been made for you to show your products. Two (2) tables are available for this "mini-expo". Do not miss the opportunity to display your products or services so that your fellow Leads members can see what it is you do!

Chapel Hill Leads Group Inclement Weather Procedure

What weather conditions will cancel a CHLG Wednesday meeting?

Any weather conditions causing the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools to cancel or impose a 2 hour opening delay on Wednesday, will cancel the CHLG meeting for that Wednesday. Weather conditions include, but are not limited to, tropical storms and hurricanes, snow, and icy roads.

What is the procedure for when school is not in session?

These represent general guidelines. Under all conditions, if you feel that the weather conditions in your area make travel hazardous, Stay Safe - Stay Home.

Which months are most likely to have inclement weather?

  • Hurricane season is from late August to mid November.
  • Winter months from mid December through March

How do I know if the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City schools are closed or on delayed opening?

  • Visit the Chapel Hill Leads Group website for the current status of the Wednesday meeting.
  • Join Chapel Hill Leads Group on Facebook to receive notices concerning the status of the Wednesday meeting.
  • Visit the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City school website [http://www.chccs.k12.nc.us/] and check the District Alert post on the home page.
  • Visit WRAL Weather, school closing [http://www.wral.com/weather/closings/] and check the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City school status. On this page you can sign up to receive an email from WRAL when there is a change in status to the schools closing status.

Did You Know:

From: Lee Schearer,
To: My Fellow Chapel Hill Leads Group Members

"Sense of Destiny"

I have, over the years, written about how destiny influences us to make decisions throughout our life. The word Destiny itself is defined as; "the predetermined, usu. inevitable, course of events", as stated in Random House Webster's College Dictionary-Word Genius.

As entrepreneur's and business owners, each of us made a conscious decision to embark upon a life-style of employment in which we have charted our own course of actions that could fulfill our dreams of being our own boss. Along with that dream comes the responsibility of ownership, decision making and the daily setbacks that we have all experienced, regardless of how long we have owned our respective business.

As members of the Chapel Hill Leads Group we have the advantage of being able to drawn upon the experience of numerous levels of business experience, not to mention the numerous types of business ownership. It is a type of small business quasi-Board of Directors and one that can assist each other in navigating the ever-changing aspects of small business ownership. The proof of success is its' longevity, now over 21 (+) years in existence.

I invite you to join me this Wednesday Morning and experience for yourself why The Chapel Hill Leads Group is the premiere business referral group in the Triangle Region.

Remember to bring a smile on your face, a song on your mind and an attitude of gratitude for the life that you live and the opportunities that are available in our wonderful and great country, America.


Lee Schearer

Support the Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina

Attention CHLG Members - The Chapel Hill Leads Group's goal is to raise 100+ boxes of cereal a month. If everyone brought one box of cereal to two meetings this month, the Chapel Hill Leads Group would easily exceed the 100 boxes of cereal goal.

Chamber News:

Central Carolina Women in Business Social, 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., Tuesday, 16 July 2019

This month's theme will be Christmas in July! ... Read the complete story.

The Company Recess Workshop with Ali Farahnakian, 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., Thursday, 18 July 2019

Work Together, Play Together  ... Read the complete story.

Coffee with the President, 8:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m., Friday, 19 July 2019

Coffee with Aaron Nelson, President/CEO of The Chamber.  ... Read the complete story.

The Collective Intelligence Workshop with Ali Farahnakian, 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., Friday, 19 July 2019

Team Building and Communication  ... Read the complete story.

Reach More Customers with Google, 8:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., Tuesday, 23 July 2019

​Learn how customers find your business online  ... Read the complete story.

Building a StoryBrand, 8:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Learn the StoryBrand marketing framework  ... Read the complete story.

Business After Hours presented by Residence Inn by Marriott Chapel Hill, 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., Thursday, 25 July 2019

Come CONNECT with us!  ... Read the complete story.

The Number One Fear Workshop with Ali Farahnakian, 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., Friday, 26 July 2019

Public Speaking and Presentation Skills  ... Read the complete story.

Networking In Your Neighborhood

There are several other Triangle Area Leads Groups available. These groups meet on different days of the week and at different times of the day. They provide the business person a more focused access to the local market. Try one of these other area leads groups soon.