“If Only in 2020”

We have all heard this phrase numerous times before, and to be honest, I am confident that most of us have also used that phrase ourselves, whenever things don’t work out as planned. It is very easy to blame others, events and your, so called, competition and maybe the Coronavirus i.e.COVID-19.
However, that phrase “if only” should be a rallying cry. It should be an opportunity to analyze what went wrong and most importantly, how can you learn from the “if only” experience. One of the best ways to learn from an “if only” experience is to associate yourself with a networking group of your peers and fellow business mentors, those who are successful with years of experience and those who are new to business ownership.
That networking group is the Chapel Hill Leads Group, with a proven track record of over 22 consecutive years in helping of fellow business owners. See www.chapelhillleadsgroup.com. I invite you to join our ZOOM networking meeting this week with our host Sharon Hill. The link is also located in our website for your convenience.

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