Keeping Your Eye On The Future

The question that is on all of our minds, especially small business owners is , what is the future of our business?. Unfortunately, none of us really knows for sure. However, as a very optimistic person and one who has experienced numerous business interruption scenarios over my 49+ years in business, I can tell you that the current events will pass and we will get back to some sense of normalcy, and I expect that will happen sooner than later.

I am also of the belief that , once we do, we will have the opportunity to restructure our respective business model in a way that will allow us to anticipate and plan for unexpected disruptions, what ever they may be. I am also confident that business organizations, such as the respective Leads Groups in the area will be the place to reorganize your goals, share your concerns and above all learn from the experiences of each other.

I look forward to the Wednesday that we can meet, in person, again. Until then I encourage you to stay connected with each other and to know and have faith in the fact that “this too shall pass”.

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