In Times of Trouble

Throughout each of our lives we all have seen times of trouble, whether it be financially, marital, parental and others. We now are experiencing a time of trouble in our country in which most of us have never witnessed. It very well may be that we have allowed this “shutdown of our economy” to happen by none other than ourselves. We have allowed fear to dictate national and state policy. As a result of our fear, we have all suffered in one manner or another and it may well be that the “bleeding” may not be over for some time to come, if we continue to allow it.

As an optimist, I always look for the silver lining in the cloud and I always know that, regardless of the situation, there is always a positive lesson to learn from any situation. The positive lesson that we, as members of the Chapel Hill Leads Group, can learn from this current situation is that we should help each other financially, by utilizing the services provided by those of us who provide a service and purchasing products from those who offer products. The other lesson that can be learned is that of compassion for each other and an awareness that each of us has a personal life as well as a business life. To that end, I have received a few calls from both current members and past members who have called me to see if everything is well with me, knowing that I have medical issues that place me in a high-risk category for Covid-19. I have been “heart-touched” by those calls and they have reminded me that one of the facts that have made The Chapel Hill Leads Group so amazing and so different from other business organizations, now in our 22nd consecutive year, is the compassion that our members have for each other.

If we are to survive financially and emotionally from this current situation we MUST do our individual part in restoring our economy. We can do so by helping each other personally and we do so by contacting our elected officials and demand that they open up our economy so that both we and future generations will be able to achieve the American Dream.

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